Steps to Take When Switching Your Car Insurance

Try out these suggestions when getting a new car insurance policy.

As a driver, there are many reasons why you may want to switch car insurance providers.  If you are ready to start the new year with brand-new auto insurance in Valatie, New York, then there are a couple of essential steps that you must take.  Here’s what you should do when changing car insurance policies.

  • Secure Your New Policy Before Canceling Your Current One

Once you have found your new auto policy, it’s important that you sign off on this coverage before taking steps to cancel your old policy.  While your coverage will overlap for a short period, taking this precaution will help you avoid any gaps in your car insurance.  Because coverage gaps equate to higher auto insurance premiums, it’s actually more cost-effective to pay for double-coverage temporarily than risk a gap in your insurance record.

  • Know When to Switch

The easiest time to change insurance carriers is when your current policy is up for renewal.  At this point, you will simply inform your carrier that you do not want to renew your policy.  Then, all you need to do it ride out your remaining coverage period, and your policy will be officially canceled.   However, you also have the option to cancel your auto policy outside of renewal periods.  All standard auto insurance policies include a provision that allows you to cancel your policy at any time, so long as you give your carrier proper notice.  Cancellation protocols are different for every insurer, but many will prorate your latest premium up to your cancellation date.  Additionally, many insurers will charge you a cancellation fee to cover administrative costs associated with canceling your coverage mid-cycle.

These are some of the steps that you should take when switching auto insurance in Valatie, New York.  Interested in working with a car insurance carrier that will always put your needs first?  If so, then contact the dedicated team at The Reardon Agency.  Our experts are eager to get you the auto insurance that you need today.

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