Personal Umbrella Insurance

Ready Your Umbrella Insurance for a Rainy Day

Life is unpredictable and liability issues are everywhere. You never know what could cause someone to present you with a lawsuit, no matter how careful you are. Your standard insurance policies, such as your homeowners insurance and auto insurance, will have limits on the amount of liability coverage available. Some lawsuits can go beyond these limits, leaving you vulnerable. Fortunately, this is where umbrella insurance comes in. This policy literally puts you under its umbrella so that if you exceed the liability coverage limits on an insurance line, you will still be protected.

Umbrella Insurance Coverage

A personal umbrella policy is a supplemental form of liability insurance. It provides additional coverage beyond that provided by your underlying, primary policies.  Umbrella insurance kicks in when you exhaust the liability coverage for the events that are already covered under your regular insurance policies.

There’s a common misconception that umbrella insurance is only for the affluent. However, this is not the case, anyone can benefit from an Umbrella Policy.

Umbrella Policy limits are available from $1,000,000 to $20,000,000 and are more affordable than you think!

Personal Umbrella Insurance Waterford-New London, CT

At The Reardon Agency, we work for you. We take the time to get to know you and what matters most to you. We examine all of your insurance policies to uncover gaps in coverage and work to extend your liability coverage so that you can feel well protected. Talk to us to receive your customized umbrella cover.

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