Auto Insurance


How Driving Experience Influences Your Auto Insurance Costs

What does driving experience have to do with your car insurance rates? When you go to secure auto insurance in Waterford, Connecticut, your insurer will take various personal factors into account when determining your premiums.  One of the things that your agent will look at is your driving experience.  But why does driving experience matter to insurers and how does

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Suggestions to Help You Understand Your Auto Insurance Policy

Tips to help you make sense of your auto insurance. If you’ve ever attempted to read through your auto insurance policy, you may have been put off by the complicated legal terms and confusing industry jargon.  However, it’s important that you have a good understanding of exactly what your policy will cover.  This is why you should employ these tips

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These Auto Insurance Mistakes Will Cost You

Avoid these costly car insurance mistakes. Sometimes, securing and managing auto insurance can be confusing, and many car owners make mistakes when it comes to their car coverage.  Unfortunately, many common missteps can result in increased insurance expenses.  If you do not want to pay more for your coverage, then avoid these costly car insurance mistakes. Lying or Omitting Information

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Parents, Here are Some Safety Tips for Your Teen Drivers

Try out these suggestions to protect your teen driver. As a parent, the idea of your child facing the dangers of the open road alone can be frightening.  However, you cannot always be there to hold their hands and keep them safe.  That being said, there are some safety tips that you can pass along to them to reduce their

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