Try Out These Tips for Driving After Dark

Stay safe when driving at night.

Now that it’s fall, it gets darker much faster in the evening.  This means that you may find yourself driving after dark more frequently.  Because driving at night introduces new risks, you need to take extra precautions while behind the wheel.  In addition to having the right auto insurance in Waterford, Connecticut, try out these driving safety suggestions.

  • Inspect Your Lights

Before you get behind the wheel, take a moment to walk around your car and check all your lights.  This includes your headlights, taillights, and signal lights.  Making sure that all your lights are working properly will ensure that you can see the road clearly, while also ensuring that other drivers can see your vehicle.

  • Adjust Your Rear-View Mirror

Many drivers are not aware that their rear-view mirrors have two settings—one for day driving and one for nighttime driving. This adjustment changes the angle of your mirror, minimizing the glare from other drivers’ headlights.  To change your mirror to night mode, all you need to do is flip the tab at the bottom of your rear-view mirror.  Newer cars may have an automatic mirror that can be adjusted by hitting a special button.  Please refer to your car’s owner’s manual to learn how to change your rear-view mirror settings.

  • Reduce Glare

When you are driving at night, the headlights from oncoming traffic can be distracting and blinding.  To reduce the impact of glare, make sure that you clean your car’s windshield until it is streak-free.  This will prevent glare on your windshield that makes things harder to see.  When driving, keep your eyes trained ahead but slightly to the right.  This will prevent you from accidentally blinding yourself with the headlights from oncoming traffic.

These are some of the driving safety suggestions that you should employ while driving after dark.  Remember, another important way to stay safe is by having the right auto insurance in Waterford, Connecticut.  For assistance with all your car coverage needs, contact the experts at The Reardon Agency today.

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