These Auto Insurance Mistakes Will Cost You

Avoid these costly car insurance mistakes.

Sometimes, securing and managing auto insurance can be confusing, and many car owners make mistakes when it comes to their car coverage.  Unfortunately, many common missteps can result in increased insurance expenses.  If you do not want to pay more for your coverage, then avoid these costly car insurance mistakes.

Lying or Omitting Information When Applying for Insurance

While telling a little white lie or concealing certain pieces of information from your insurer might not seem like a major deal, this actually constitutes insurance fraud.  If you get caught lying, then you may experience an increase in your auto insurance rates.  In some cases, your deception can actually result in an insurer denying you coverage.  If this should happen, then you would be flagged as high-risk, making it extremely difficult to find an insurer willing to cover you at an affordable rate.

Cancelling Your Previous Coverage Too Early

If you want to switch from one insurer to another, it’s important that you do not cancel your existing policy too early.  This can create a coverage gap that can leave you vulnerable.  For instance, if you cancelled your policy a couple of days before you new one started and you got into an accident during this gap, then you would be responsible for all the costs associated with the accident.  So, to ensure that significant costs do not come out of your pocket, make sure that you do not create dangerous coverage gaps.

Failing to Use Discounts

Finally, if you are not applying for every discount that you qualify for, then you are overpaying for your auto insurance.  This is why it’s so important to do some research and learn about all the discounts that you may have access to.  You may be surprised to find out that you are eligible for considerable auto insurance savings.

If you want to save on your coverage, then make sure you avoid these costly car insurance mistakes.  Are you looking to secure the right auto insurance to fit your needs and your budget?  If so, then contact the team at The Reardon Agency.  Our experienced agents are ready to secure the coverage that you need today.

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