Reasons Why You Should Buy Water Backup Coverage

Water damage from a backed-up sump pump or sewer can be costly and extremely unpleasant. While your homeowners insurance may cover some types of water damage, sump pump failure may not be included in that list. Purchasing additional coverage is the best way to ensure you are fully covered. You will need to review your current policy with your insurance agent to determine what coverage you already have and which types of water damage coverage you will need to add to make your policy complete.

Standard Homeowners Policies Don’t Cover Water Backup Damage

With most standard homeowners policies, water backup coverage is an optional endorsement that you have to choose to include with your basic coverage. Without it, you would be responsible for paying to clean up the area and also to repair any damages. As hard as we try to protect our home from this type of damage, backups tend to occur when we least expect them. The most we can do is protect ourselves with a quality water backup damage policy for our home.

Water Backup Coverage Is Cost-effective

Water backup coverage is not overly expensive, especially when you compare it to the cost of repairing any damage that may be caused if a sump pump happens to fail. Water backup damage coverage is one of many add-on policies that can be purchased to cover gaps in your homeowners insurance policy. Normally, this type of coverage is only a few extra dollars a month and will go a long way in easing your worries if your sump pump stops working.

Everyone Is Vulnerable to This Type of Damage

No matter where your home is located, if it has plumbing, you may be vulnerable to this type of damage. People don’t realize that a water backup situation is different from flooding or other types of water damage. You can live high above your neighbors and still experience a backup that leaves your basement or crawlspace flooded with water. You can do everything within your power to try and avoid a backup. However, even with all of the precautions, you can still experience some degree of damage.

It Includes Loss of Use Coverage

When you add water backup damage coverage to your homeowners policy, you will also receive Loss of Use coverage. This means that if water backs up into your home and you cannot stay there while repairs are being made, your insurance coverage will pay for your temporary living accommodations. Your insurance agent will be able to assist you with this if you ever experience water damage that causes you to leave your home.

Cleaning up after a water backup event can take time. It may take a week or longer to make sure your home is completely dry before any repairs are underway. Once your home is dry, it will have to be treated to prevent the growth of mold. Your contractor will be able to give you a better time frame so that you know when you will be able to move back into your home.

Don’t wait until a water backup event happens to talk to your insurance agent about additional coverage for your home. Call the reputable agents at The Reardon Agency. We have the answers to all of your questions when it comes to water backup damage and having the right types of homeowners insurance in place. Be proactive! Call as soon as you can so you have the coverage you need.

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