Maintenance Tips for Your Rarely Driven Car

Maintaining your car is important for experiencing an uninterrupted performance. Maintenance is equally important for the vehicle that you drive occasionally. You need to take proper care of your car, as its performance deteriorates when it is not in use for a long period. Here are a few auto maintenance tips that will help your rarely driven car perform well.

Service It Regularly

As it is a rarely driven car, you need to regularly service your vehicle based on timing, not on mileage. A rarely driven vehicle will not accumulate much mileage amount, but the oil and additives age with time. One of the most important tips for car care is setting reminders for car servicing.

Clean It

When you open your car after a long time, there may be dust, insects, and other debris. You need to clean your car to get rid of those. Remember to take the trash out of your vehicle and use air freshener or odor repelling product to keep the air inside your car fresh. Don’t forget to roll your car windows up so that dust, insects, and contaminants will be kept away.

Try Igniting the Engine on Regular Intervals

You have to start your engine at regular intervals to ensure proper cycling of fluids and lubrication. This will also not allow liquids to pool in some regions of the engine. This is one of the most prominent auto maintenance tips to keep your car’s engine healthy. 

Unplug the Car’s Battery

If your car is not in use for an extended period, consider unplugging your car’s battery. This will prevent the battery from corrosion. When you are back to using your vehicle, ensure the battery is ultimately charged so that you don’t have to suffer on the road.

Keep it Covered

To keep your car’s exterior clean and shiny, invest in a quality cover that fits it entirely and allows air circulation. You need to put the cover only after properly cleaning and drying the car’s exterior.

In addition to the car cleaning regime, having insurance helps in protecting your car from any unprecedented damage. For the best car insurance coverage plans, contact the experts at The Reardon Agency today.

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