Here’s Why Your 30s are the Perfect Time to Buy Life Insurance

Purchasing life insurance in your 30s is a great decision, as it will help you get covered at a low cost and with maximum benefits. It becomes more important to buy life insurance when you are in your 30s, as your family starts depending on you financially, and it is important to make sure they will get some money even in your absence.

What Is Covered by Life Insurance?

A life insurance policy provides a death benefit, which the beneficiaries of the policy can use to pay their:

  • Everyday expenses like groceries, monthly bills, and household essentials
  • Child or dependent care
  • End-of-life expenses including, end-of-life medical care and funeral expenses
  • Outstanding loans and credit card debts
  • College or school fees

However, this policy will pay out only in the event of:

  • Suicide
  • Homicide (provided the beneficiary is not involved in the murder)
  • Natural deaths caused by age or conditions like cancer or heart attack
  • Accidental deaths, including accidental overdose of a prescribed medication

In cases of severe/terminal illness or disability, you can use a portion of your life insurance funds to pay your medical care or living expenses by adding endorsements to your policy.

What Is Not Covered by Life Insurance?

Your beneficiaries may not receive death benefits if:

  • You die while participating in illegal or dangerous activities  like sky-diving
  • Your beneficiary commits a crime to access your insurance funds
  • You provide incorrect information on your insurance application
  • Your policy expires

Why Should You Buy Life Insurance in Your 30s?

Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to get life insurance in your 30s.

Family Needs

You may consider getting a house, getting married, or starting a family while in your 30s. This will increase your financial responsibilities significantly. Even if you unfortunately die, you can ensure a monthly payout to your dependents by purchasing an insurance policy.

You Earn More Now

You’ve probably been working for a while now, so your income may be able to support life insurance. It can be difficult for your family to replace your income if you are unable to earn it. This is where a life insurance policy can help replace your income.

Debt Management

By the time you reach your 30s, you will likely have debts such as student loans, house mortgages, or consumer loans. You need to have a life insurance policy to assist your family members in paying the debts in your absence.


Since you are young, purchasing a term life insurance policy at an affordable cost is manageable. You also are not likely to have many diseases. Hence, you can buy a life insurance policy at an affordable price.

Funerals Are Expensive

In case of your untimely death, you wouldn’t want your family to be worried about the funeral, cremation, or burial expenses. A life insurance policy will help your family manage these expenses if something unfortunate happens.

Protect Your Business

After your death, your family cannot handle your business, especially if your company is under debt or lacks cash flow. In such circumstances, settlement money from life insurance can help protect your business.

Getting life insurance in your 30s will give you peace of mind that your family and business are protected. For assistance with all your insurance needs, contact the experts at The Reardon Agency today.

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