Smart Devices That Keep Your Pets Happy

Technology that you and your pets will love.

Every pet owner knows how awful it feels to leave their pet alone at home as they go to work or run errands.  Fortunately, there are now many devices that allow you to check in on your pets during the day and keep them happy at home.  Here are some of the new types of home technology that you and your pets will love.

  • Pet-Centric Cameras

While many homeowners already have security cameras in their home for surveillance, there are now cameras that are specifically designed to monitor pets.  Some of these cameras even allow you to interact with your pet by dispensing treats at your command and switching on speakers when the cameras detect them barking.

  • Food Dispensers

Many pet owners like to feed their pets on a consistent schedule.  But what happens if you need to be away from home during meal time?  Well, with automatic food dispensers, you can ensure that your pets receive their favorite food right on time.

  • Pet Exercise Equipment

If you can’t be home to play with and exercise your cat, then there is actually equipment that will encourage your cat to run around.  For instance, there are cat treadmills that use an LED light to coax your cat to run on a wheel.  Pet owners can then review the information stored on these machines to see how much exercise their cats are getting during the day.

  • Automatic Doggy Doors

If you have a fenced in yard that your dog is allowed to run around in, then investing in an automatic doggy door is a great way to let your pet out without forcing them to stay outside all day.  These doors offer automatic locking and unlocking features and allow the pet owner to program entry and exit times.

Here are some of the new types of technology that you and your pets will love.  Want another way to care for your pets and other loved ones?  Then make sure you have the right personal insurance protections in place.  For assistance with all your coverage needs, contact the experts at The Reardon Agency today.

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