How to Find Affordable Commercial Property Insurance

Finding affordable commercial property insurance is a top priority for most start-ups. One must remember that every business is different with its own set of risks and every insurance provider is unique as well. Here are a few tips for those seeking affordable commercial property insurance in Connecticut.

Bundled Coverage Is Cheaper and More Convenient

Sometimes the best deals come through bundling, which involves getting various types of coverage from one insurer. Bundling often comes with lower costs than if you purchase each insurance plan separately. It’s particularly useful for businesses that need a wide array of coverage.

Companies with vehicle fleets commonly bundle commercial property with commercial auto insurance. A liquor store or restaurant that serves alcohol needs various types of extra coverage that most businesses don’t need.  Similarly. a construction company needs various types of coverage plans that a bar doesn’t need. Both types of businesses can benefit from bundling.

Shop Around for Better Deals

You can sometimes save money and streamline your coverage by using different insurance providers to meet your varied needs. The key is to shop around and get multiple quotes.  Don’t just choose a policy based on the lowest costs. Instead, try to maximize the coverage.

Analyze Reviews and Ratings

You can find out how an insurance agency treats its customers through online customer reviews.  After reading multiple reviews, you will have a clearer idea of whether the company matches your needs. You should also check the firm’s rating with the Better Business Bureau.  You may even ask fellow entrepreneurs about their commercial property insurance providers.

Inquire About Risk and Damage Mitigating Tips

Your insurance provider can advise you on how to reduce risks and prevent accidents on your commercial property. Talk to your agent to learn about various ways to reduce your insurance costs. A significant way to cut costs is to take safety precautions to prevent theft and mitigate damages caused by natural disasters. Consider investing in security and smoke alarm systems and video surveillance cameras.

Even though natural disasters are unpredictable, you can still prepare for them so that whatever damage occurs is minimized. Investing in a backup generator is a helpful way to ensure business continuity in the event of a power outage during a severe storm. Choosing a low-crime area for your commercial property is another key factor in minimizing insurance costs.

At Reardon Agency, we can help your business get affordable and comprehensive commercial property insurance. Contact us today to get started on your customized policy!

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