Do Car Insurance Policies Provide Coverage for Animal Damage?

A car insurance policy usually covers damage caused to your car because of an accident, collision, theft, vandalism, riot, or flood. However, you must also know whether your insurer will provide coverage if your car gets damaged by an animal.

What is Comprehensive Coverage in Car Insurance?

Comprehensive coverage is additional coverage that can be added to your auto insurance for covering damages caused by non-driving peril. Comprehensive coverage is also known as other than collision coverage. Damages caused by animals will be included in this coverage. Nonetheless, the extent of coverage offered will vary based on the terms of the policy.

Measures That Can Help Prevent Animal Damage

Here’s what you can do to protect your car from animal damage

  1. Drive carefully in forest areas 

    Your vehicle is more likely to sustain animal damage in heavily forested areas. There is no guarantee that you won’t encounter an animal in such locations, so you should be extra cautious while driving. Keep your speed in control and honk frequently to drive away animals.

  2. Park your vehicle in a garage

    Parking your vehicle in a well-maintained garage will decrease any chances of damage caused by animals. In cold regions, small animals tend to take shelter under vehicles. Thus, if you live in such an area, keeping your car parked in a garage will protect it from unwanted intruders, like rodents and other nesting animals.

  3. Keep your car windows closed

    Keeping the car windows closed will protect your vehicle from any animals who try to get inside. Make sure to close the windows even if you are away from the car for only a short while.

  4. Do not store food inside your car

    Never keep food items in your car as animals will sense the food items and try to get into your car to feed on them. Rodents and pests are one of the biggest threats that can pave their way into your vehicle to access food and cause damage.

  5. Move your car frequently

    Stationary cars attract animals. So, it is recommended that you move your car every 2-3 days to prevent animals from making your vehicle their home.

Get Insured with Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage from Reardon!

When it comes to car insurance for animal damage, you should be well prepared and get the right auto insurance coverage. We at Reardon Agency Insurance will help you protect your vehicle with quality coverage that you can rely on. For more information, contact our expert team today.

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