How to Clean and Disinfect Your Car During the Pandemic

With the coronavirus spreading rapidly across the globe, it has become inevitable to prioritize hygiene in our daily lives. The World Health Organization (WHO) has advised maintaining social distancing and personal hygiene to prevent the spread of the virus. It is also important to clean and disinfect your car as you keep your hands clean.

Here are a few things you can do to keep your car clean and virus-free:

Don’t Undermine Personal Hygiene

As you regularly touch your car, it is crucial to keep your hands clean. Don’t forget to wear a face mask, as this will help you avoid contracting contaminated droplets. Also, keep a tissue box in your car along with a sanitizer bottle.

Clean Your Car’s Cabin

When cleaning and disinfecting your car, make sure to clean the cabin area first. After vacuuming and dusting off the surface, you can use disinfectants to kill the germs. You can use detergent or alcohol-based disinfectants for cleaning your car.

Clean Frequently Touched Surfaces

Disinfecting cars for COVID-19 is incomplete if you leave the frequently touched points, including exterior and interior door handles, gear shifter, steering wheel, and hand brake unclean. Cleaning sun visors, seatbelt buckles, touchscreen, dashboard buttons, seats, the latch, and the indoors of the boot is also important.

As these parts include electronic accessories, stay extra careful while cleaning them. You have to use gentle and mild agents to clean and disinfect the car.

Disinfect the Upholstery

While cleaning your car, you should never forget cleaning the upholstery, including headrests, seatback pockets, backrests, and armrests. Use alcohol-based disinfectants to clean them.

If you have leather upholstery, try using conditioners to keep the shine of the leather undamaged even after disinfecting your car.

Air Conditioner

As the coronavirus can sustain in air, regular maintenance of your car’s air-conditioning system becomes essential. While cleaning, don’t forget to clean the air filter and the vents.

Disinfecting your car and practicing personal hygiene are important to avoid contracting the virus. However, if you feel unwell or notice any symptoms of COVID-19, we advise you to take medical help. Getting the right car insurance can prevent you from the massive out-of-pocket expenditure. For assistance with all your coverage needs and questions, contact the experts at The Reardon Agency today.

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