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7 Factors That Affect Life Insurance Premium Calculation

Life insurance aims to protect your family’s financial future so that they don’t experience financial hardship when you pass away. Additionally, no federal income taxes are charged on the death benefit. However, a Forbes Advisor study found that most policyholders were unaware of factors that are taken into account by insurers when determining a person’s life insurance quotation. In this

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What Kind of Life Insurance Can You Avail Yourself of as a Cancer Patient?

Even though receiving a cancer diagnosis can be difficult for you and your family, you are still eligible to get life insurance. There may be term and whole life insurance choices available depending on the type of cancer, available treatments, and prognosis. Does Life Insurance Cover Cancer? Yes, even after receiving a cancer diagnosis, a person can still get life

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Understanding Liquidity in a Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance policies’ main purpose is to give your dependents financial support after your death. However, some variants of life insurance offer additional features that enable you to get cash from your life insurance policy while you’re still alive. Liquidity in life insurance refers to the possibility of the policyholder getting cash from their policy.  Essentially, any life insurance policy

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7 Reasons Why Your Life Insurance Claim Could Be Denied

Life Insurance Claim Denied? Here are common reasons why life insurance companies deny claims. You buy a life insurance policy to provide your family with the death benefits they will need to pick up the pieces after your untimely passing. There are several different reasons why your policy will not provide a pay-out to your loved ones. Understanding these reasons

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Here’s Why Your 30s are the Perfect Time to Buy Life Insurance

Purchasing life insurance in your 30s is a great decision, as it will help you get covered at a low cost and with maximum benefits. It becomes more important to buy life insurance when you are in your 30s, as your family starts depending on you financially, and it is important to make sure they will get some money even in your absence. What

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