Which Types of Watercrafts Need Insurance?

Watercraft insurance is not required in most states in the United States. While it is generally optional, some states like Hawaii have certain boating requirements. Likewise, you will need coverage for certain marinas to use their facilities. There are several other good reasons to get boat insurance, especially if you use your watercraft frequently and with other people. Reasons You

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5 Signs That You Probably Need Umbrella Insurance

Sometimes, a standard homeowners or auto insurance policy will fully settle a covered liability claim against you. In other scenarios, the claim could be so big that you may be forced to pay some bills out of pocket. It is always safer to watch out for any glaring coverage gaps, including when you have the maximum coverage possible under your

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What You Need to Know Before Buying Personal Watercraft Insurance

Like any other moving vehicle, your personal watercraft (PWC) is susceptible to accidents. You might wonder if your homeowners’ insurance or auto insurance will be enough to protect your PWC. However, even if these policies include your watercraft, the coverage will be very limited. Factors to Consider When Purchasing Personal Watercraft Insurance Before purchasing insurance for your personal watercraft, multiple

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