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10 Things You Should Do While Buying Small Business Insurance

When you launch a small business start-up, one of your top initial concerns should be purchasing the right business insurance. For many businesses, the solution is a combination of general liability insurance and commercial property insurance. However, it’s important for each company to customize its own insurance plan according to its unique coverage needs. Here are ten things you should

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Cyber Liability Insurance in Connecticut – An Overview

Anyone who owns a computer should be concerned about hackers since some of the largest companies have been hacked in recent years. Even tech giants such as Facebook, Google, and Yahoo have suffered major breaches, not to mention financial institutions such as JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup. Therefore, having the right cyber liability insurance in Connecticut is essential to protect

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Understanding the Importance of Liability Insurance for Your Business

Without appropriate liability insurance your business, whether small or big, is vulnerable to risks that could hinder its progress or cause its untimely end. To prevent such unfortunate interruptions and control the outcome of possible risk or unpleasant circumstances, you should purchase liability insurance. This policy will help sustain your business and protect you from bearing the financial consequences that

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Essential Tips to Protect Your Business from a Lawsuit

As a business owner, it’s important to have adequate protection against the possibility of being sued, considering how expensive and tasking a lawsuit can be. Apart from being time-consuming and a huge stressor, lawsuits have been known to put businesses away, no matter how big or small. Here are some helpful tips to help you protect your business and limit

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5 Different Types of Business Insurance Coverages That You Should Consider

Running an enterprise with employees at a physical location creates various risks that must be addressed with some form of business insurance. Failing to get the right coverage can lead to bigger problems and costs when an accident occurs. The exact type of insurance policy you need comes down to evaluating the specific risks associated with your business. Here’s a

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