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Workers’ Compensation Claims in Connecticut: How Do They Work?

Work-related illnesses and injuries can cause you immense stress. This is because of the pain you experience, the paperwork involved in the claims process, and the uncertainty about getting workers’ comp benefits. To make the process of filing a claim less intimidating, here are some basics you need to know. What Is the Time Period to File a Claim? You

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How Workers’ Compensation Benefits Work in Connecticut

Injured workers in Connecticut are entitled to several workers’ compensation benefits. The actual amount of the benefits depends on the nature of the injuries and the employee’s ability to work, among other factors. What Are Temporary Disability Benefits? An employee receives temporary disability benefits if they can’t work or earn their usual wages while recuperating from work-related illness or injury.

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Evaluating the Penalties for Not Having Workers’ Compensation

Every business that employs workers in the United States generally needs workers’ compensation insurance. The laws are made and enforced at the state level regarding what businesses are required to cover their employees with workers’ comp. Lacking proper coverage can lead to severe penalties. Penalty for Not Carrying Workers’ Comp Businesses must comply with state insurance requirements or face heavy

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10 Things You Should Do While Buying Small Business Insurance

When you launch a small business start-up, one of your top initial concerns should be purchasing the right business insurance. For many businesses, the solution is a combination of general liability insurance and commercial property insurance. However, it’s important for each company to customize its own insurance plan according to its unique coverage needs. Here are ten things you should

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Understanding the Importance of Liability Insurance for Your Business

Without appropriate liability insurance your business, whether small or big, is vulnerable to risks that could hinder its progress or cause its untimely end. To prevent such unfortunate interruptions and control the outcome of possible risk or unpleasant circumstances, you should purchase liability insurance. This policy will help sustain your business and protect you from bearing the financial consequences that

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