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Workers’ Compensation and Mental Health Claims: Everything You Should Know

Work-related injuries take many forms. Physical injuries are visible and present a variety of symptoms. Mental health injuries aren’t visible, but they may have physical symptoms that can make it difficult for a person to perform their duties while on the job and even harder to deal with their personal duties at home. Workers’ compensation insurance will cover mental health

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Can General Liability Protect You Against Faulty Workmanship Claims?

New entrepreneurs venturing into contracting may wonder if there’s such a thing as general liability faulty workmanship insurance. While a standard general liability insurance policy on its own does not cover professional errors, you can still adjust your policy to include coverage for faulty workmanship. Does General Liability Insurance Cover Faulty Workmanship? The concept of general liability faulty workmanship should

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Cyber Liability Insurance

IT systems play a critical role in the business space. Many businesses use these systems to provide services or information, communicate with prospects and existing customers, as well as store business data, including sensitive data such as customers’ financial information, healthcare information, intellectual property, or personally identifying information.  This data is often worth a small fortune.  A recent study found

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Does Your Commercial Property Insurance Cover Cash on Hand?

Commercial property insurance is a critical investment in protecting your company. Regardless of size or type, you’ve worked hard to build the business to where it is today and wouldn’t want to compromise or lose it altogether for the lack of proper coverage. However, you may still be at risk of loss if your property coverage doesn’t include your cash

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Workers’ Compensation Claims in Connecticut: How Do They Work?

Work-related illnesses and injuries can cause you immense stress. This is because of the pain you experience, the paperwork involved in the claims process, and the uncertainty about getting workers’ comp benefits. To make the process of filing a claim less intimidating, here are some basics you need to know. What Is the Time Period to File a Claim? You

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