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Is It Okay for Your Auto Insurance Costs to Increase Each Year?

Each year during the renewal of your auto insurance, you notice an increase in your insurance costs. This happens even if you haven’t done anything that may lead to an increase in your premium rates. You may wonder whether this increase in your auto insurance rates every year is normal. In this blog, we will discuss the reasons for the

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Understanding the High Cost of Car Insurance in Connecticut

If you’ve lived in other states, you might notice that car insurance in Connecticut generally costs more. One of the reasons for the higher rates is that the state has an affluent population able to purchase more expensive vehicles. Here’s a deeper look into why it costs more for auto insurance in the Constitution State. Typical Auto Coverage Just like

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Do you need Auto Insurance for Learner’s Permit Holders?

Getting a learner’s permit is an exciting milestone in a young person’s life. It’s the first step to getting a driver’s license and the freedom that comes with it. But with that freedom comes responsibility. One of the most important responsibilities is ensuring you have the right auto insurance coverage. This article will look at what kind of insurance coverage

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Do Car Insurance Policies Provide Coverage for Animal Damage?

A car insurance policy usually covers damage caused to your car because of an accident, collision, theft, vandalism, riot, or flood. However, you must also know whether your insurer will provide coverage if your car gets damaged by an animal. What is Comprehensive Coverage in Car Insurance? Comprehensive coverage is additional coverage that can be added to your auto insurance

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Does Your Boat Insurance Cover Sinking?

Boats can sometimes sink for a variety of reasons, including while you are operating them or even when they are safely moored at a dock or marina. Depending on the insurance plan you have, your boat insurance may or may not cover sinking. Let’s examine when and how sinking a boat is covered by insurance. Does Boat Insurance Cover Sinking?

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