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Filing a Claim After an Accident? Here Is a Look at the Claim Process

An auto insurance claim deadline refers to the period of time between the accident and when you begin the claim process. The insurance claim may be made with your insurance carrier or with the other driver’s insurer (known as a “third-party” claim), depending on the type of coverage you have and the specifics of the accident. There is often no

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How Can Inflation Impact Your Car Insurance Rate

The pandemic’s consequences on the economy and other disruptions have put pressure on various financial commitments, including vehicle insurance. When you want to renew your policy, your vehicle insurance premiums may increase due to inflation that affects both businesses and consumers. However, you can uncover strategies to save money by being aware of what’s causing price hikes. Here’s what you

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How Towing a Boat Affects Your Auto Insurance Policy

Your auto insurance policy is versatile enough to cover you in many situations. It will help you pay for any damage that you cause to another vehicle. However, your coverage may not assist you in repairing your damaged boat. If you plan to tow your boat multiple times, the easiest solution is to purchase boat insurance. You may qualify for

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Commercial Auto Insurance 101: All You Need to Know

A commercial auto insurance policy is a type of business insurance that covers vehicles used for business purposes. The policy covers both business-owned and leased vehicles, as well as the occupants of such vehicles at the time of a covered accident. Therefore, your commercial auto insurance provides essential financial protection to you and your employees while driving company-owned vehicles. It

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Understanding the High Cost of Car Insurance in Connecticut

If you’ve lived in other states, you might notice that car insurance in Connecticut generally costs more. One of the reasons for the higher rates is that the state has an affluent population able to purchase more expensive vehicles. Here’s a deeper look into why it costs more for auto insurance in the Constitution State. Typical Auto Coverage Just like

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